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Spring in the Smokies

Visitors 15
19 photos
Created 18-May-14
Modified 18-May-14
Spring in the Smokies


Visitors 14
10 photos
Created 11-Apr-16
Modified 11-Apr-16

Fine Art

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18 photos
Created 25-Jan-21
Modified 25-Jan-21
Fine Art

Music City

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13 photos
Created 21-Nov-15
Modified 21-Nov-15
Music City

The Battle of Fort Donelson

Galleries 1
Modified 20-Mar-12
150 photos

Old Car City

Visitors 23
27 photos
Created 18-Mar-14
Modified 18-Mar-14
Old Car City

Sensuous Steel

Visitors 9
20 photos
Created 16-Feb-14
Modified 16-Feb-14
Sensuous Steel

1861 Project at the Bluebird Cafe

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50 photos
Created 5-Jan-15
Modified 5-Jan-15
1861 Project at the Bluebird Cafe

Sunrise at Radnor Lake

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55 photos
Created 21-Nov-15
Modified 21-Nov-15
Sunrise at Radnor Lake

Nashville Metros Soccer Club

Galleries 4
Modified 21-Mar-12
509 photos
Nashville Metros Soccer Club

Nashville Music City Center

Visitors 34
88 photos
Created 5-Jul-12
Modified 5-Jul-12
Nashville Music City Center

"Take Me Out"

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66 photos
Created 16-May-15
Modified 16-May-15
"Take Me Out"


Galleries 3
Modified 9-Dec-15
5 photos

Kari and Bradley

Visitors 7
26 photos
Created 24-Aug-14
Modified 24-Aug-14
Kari and Bradley

King-Gorman Wedding

Visitors 5
110 photos
Created 21-Oct-12
Modified 21-Oct-12
King-Gorman Wedding

Nedrow 50th Anniversary

Visitors 16
239 photos
Created 4-Jan-14
Modified 4-Jan-14
Nedrow 50th Anniversary
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Guestbook for Ken Gray
Walter Schultz(non-registered)
Very cool stuff. Especially Old Car City. Very impressive!
Woody Bollinger(non-registered)
These are outstanding Ken! Your eyes have caught the history of the future, for the young and the old, the lowly private to the mighty Generals, the North and the South as one. Wish I was there, but glad I was not or you would have captured my life in the face of my enemies.
Enjoyed looking at every picture you created sir.

Colonel Phil Henson
U.S. Scott/Special Agent for General/President Grant
Your secret is safe with me, maybe....
Ian Dewar, President - 290 Foundation(non-registered)
Excellent photographs, much to be recommended.
General U. S. Grant (aka Curt Fields)(non-registered)
These are wonderful pictures! I am so pleased that Mr. Brady and Mr. Gardner saw fit to be at the reenactment of the Battle of Fort Doneson and photograph the action.
These men are to be admired by all who are fortunate enought to see the historic fruits of their labors.

Your most ob't and humble serv't,
U. S. Grant
Major General
The Army of the Tennessee
Michael Cole - AKA N.B. Forrest(non-registered)
Great job Ken! See you at Shiloh.